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It may seem like it’s been a while since you last heard from us and that’s because we’ve been heads down working with new and existing clients providing customized accounts payable capital solutions designed to meet a number of different business needs. 

Since February 2023, we’ve granted over $24MM in fresh program limits delivering accounts payable capital to new customers spanning industries including sports equipment, education technology, automotive suppliers, and more. 

By utilizing Tradecycle, these new customers have been able to pay their vendors and obtain extended terms, and as a result, increase liquidity by expanding their DPO. 

Additionally, we’ve worked with our best-in-class existing client roster to increase existing program limits over $5.5MM in accounts payable capital allowing them to expand their purchasing without requiring more credit terms from suppliers.

Our team has also kept busy attending industry events including the ACG events in Philadelphia and Houston. Connecting directly with key industry members has always been an important part of our Tradecycle DNA, so we encourage you to give our  LinkedIn a follow for updates on where you can meet our team, learn more about our offerings and more. 

About Tradecycle

Founded in 2016 by Justin Goheen, Tradecycle provides unsecured Accounts Payable Finance solutions that work seamlessly with Senior Credit Facilities to supplement the working capital needs of its clients. The technology driven solution provides an additional tool to assist clients in managing their working capital through extended payment terms.