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Tradecycle Capital Delivers a New Accounts Payable Finance Facility for a Specialty Food Processor/Packager


Tradecycle Capital, an Indianapolis based trade finance provider, announced it funded a new $4,000,000 revolving Accounts Payable funding facility for a privately processor and packager of specialty food products. They were referred to Tradecycle by a third-party capital raiser, who recognized how Tradecycle’s program augments senior credit facilities. Tradecycle is providing extended payment terms that enables the company to acquire more product throughout the world from growers, thus capturing more inputs into their production. The program is unsecured and supplemental to their senior lending facilities.

By extending their Accounts Payable payment terms without stressing their Vendor relationships, all Tradecycle customers draw more working capital into their operating cycles and support Sales growth. This enables the companies to improve cash flow and add value to all stakeholders involved in the businesses.