Tradecycle has dramatically improved our ability to capitalize on sales discounts and allowances. We’ve used the Tradecycle program to increase our working capital in tandem with a traditional, asset based line of credit from our bank. Tradecycle’s intuitive, user-friendly portal provides an a easy to use and unique opportunity to provide the liquidity needed to fuel our growth.

Josh Shanahan,
Chief Executive Officer

The opportunity to work with Tradecycle has created the flexibility we need in our business. We were introduced to Tradecycle through our private equity sponsor, and in a few quick conversations, the team at Tradecycle was able to create a business proposal that met our immediate business needs. Coupled with our tradition financing, Tradecyle is the right solution providing flexibility for our business expansion.

Vito Giustino,
Chief Financial Officer

Tradecycle has given us the ability to meet our short term obligations for both our vendors and customers by providing liquidity to our company. We have been using Tradecycle to bridge the gap between our payables and receivables for our imported programs. With uncertainty lingering on tariff increases, Tradecycle gives us the flexibility to adjust quickly with our purchase decisions. The initiation of the program was very simple, we were able to begin almost immediately without having to amend our banking covenants. Set up and use of the program was smooth and secure, dual controls allows my AP team to manage invoicing with ease while keeping with our security policies as they relate to payments. We look forward to utilizing the program in the future as our business continues to grow.

Erica Rahn ,
Chief Financial Officer

We use Tradecycle’s solution to capture early payment discounts with key suppliers while at the same time extending our payable terms. Tradecycle’s model creates negotiating power with our Vendors, provides free working capital over and above our traditional banking relationships, and can even yield a net positive financial return out of our Accounts Payable function.

Daniel J. Skiba,
Chief Financial Officer

We have worked with Tradecycle since their inception. Tradecycle's processing and payment of payables works seamlessly with our existing day-to-day operations.

Jarod Downing,
Chief Financial Officer

Tradecycle has been a great liquidity resource over and above our traditional bank relationship. They help improve cash flow through our busy season and provide Harding with extended payable terms

Sean Rizer,
Chief Financial Officer